Prayer about Islam and Arabs

John 10

I and the Father are one.”

John 1:1
In the beginning was the Word (JESUS CHRIST),

and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.
Jesus is Word of God. Even Qur’an states it!

Lord, here is my prayer

God is LOVE


My prayer

Here is my conversation with You Lord.

My conversation and my thoughts which I am telling You.

I am speaking to God.

Jesus, forgive me.

I see how Islam is like Your teaching.

But there is one thing missing in Islam.

There is missing Your LOVE.

God in Islam cannot love people.

He doesn’t love sinners.

He does not love people with blood on our hands.

It is me- I am sinner.

It is me who has been forsaken by all people.

And there is no love in Islam.

I am making decision to be with God in Christianity, with God of LOVE.

With God who said that He loves me.

And that He had loved me even before the creation of the world.

My God, I am Yours.

And let come the Day of Judgment!

Come Jesus to me!

I will come to You God and I will tell You in whom I believe.

I will tell You that I believed in the Son of God. In the Son of LOVE.

In the Son who suffered for me…..who loves me…..who is my Leader, My LOVE.

Do I believe in God?


IN ONE!  He is ONE!

Only He is One who exists and who loves me –sinner- with blood on my hands.

And what is Islam? I have my Islam…Islam of Issa Ibn Allah… my submission to the God whose name is LOVE.

You are only One God.- So, I will tell You.

There is no guilt for me! I am not guilty in what Islam is condemning me.

And I don’t care about any opinion. Here I am alone and You are with me!

This is all what I need. You are my God. My Destiny.

All that I will tell You during Judgment Day. I will say: that’s all what I have.

That’s all what I had and what I will HAVE! YOU GOD! I don’t care if this world will be destructed.

I don’t care if everything will disappear from my sight.

But I have found the Way of LOVE- where You love me until YOUR DEATH.

I don’t care if deception of Islam will condemn me. I don’t care if people will kill me.

I have found God, the ONE GOD. The One who loves me. Find such God!? Find better One!?

Offer me the better One and I will consider your religion.

Offer me salvation and forgiveness of sins in Islam

and I will think whether there is a truth in it or not.

But there is NO Truth there… in Islam.

There is no MORE LOVE than in YOU, my God! You were killed.

The Son of the LIVING God. Thank You for Your uffering instead of me!

I don’t care if my body will be burned. I don’t care if I will be cast to prison.

I don’t care if we will die. Is it possible to die with God?

Is it possible to be perished if God is living in You?



But because if God is in you, then this God is eternal and immortal.

We are immortal, brothers!

We, brothers, found the FREEDOM and there is no such Freedom in Islam.

And  we are not loved there. But why?

Because there is NO LOVE in Islam!

Just because there is NO GOD in Islam! There is NO GOD in deception!

There in NO God in LIE!  There is NO GOD in HATRED!

There is no God in fabricated ideals!

There is NO God ANYWHERE!

He is only where He revealed Himself!  He revealed Himself as LOVE

and Power of RESURECTION!!

He is resurrecting us, brothers…already now…from death and eternal fire!!!!

He is the LIFE and He gave me LIFE! My God, I am Yours!

Here is glory to You from me! And there is no greater LOVE then YOU are …God of LOVE!

My God, God of MY BROTHERS ARABS. Here is my PRAISE to You God for their SALVATION! Amen.

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