Is Allah in christianity is the same Allah in Islam?

Allahumma In-nee a-toobu ilayka minha la ar-ji-u ilayhaa abada!

Who is Allah?
Is Allah in Christianity the same Allah in Islam?

Below I offer my conversation with my brother about eternal God. My reply is in red color.

Allah in any
other religion than Islam does not exist. In Christianity and the religion
being created by this lady does not exist. –
are 33 Millions allahs only in

🙂 So let’s find where is this only ONE who is TRUE GOD! I claimed and will
claim that God is ONLY ONE!

And He is in Christianity!

I wonder you call him God of love and watched his son being torched, beaten, split on and crucified.-yes. People who didnt believe in Him. They didn’t believe that Jesus is God and Son of God. They killed Him. But He is resurected and now alive and with God Father!
Where was his love to his son? I do not think that there was any love, accordingly there will be no love us and so all your Emails about your God’s love is an imagination. -what about love of Ibrahim to his son in Qur’an when Allah gave command to sacrifice his child? Can you claim that Ibrahim didnt love his child? No. But why? Because all people love their children. So God loved His Son. Salvation given to all of us free of charge is price of this death. God didnt kill His Son! People who didnt believe in Jesus killed Him. It means that people are guilty in His deth- Not God Father! But dont forget that Jesus is resurected and alive now! He is now in Kingdom of God with God Father. And we all will see His face soon. Dont forget that at the Day of Judgement Jesus will meet all of us. It says Bible and Qur’an too.

Thank Allah leaded me to Islam. Jihad is performing more effort not war. War is preferable against people like you Maria.- I know Ahmed what you think about me and such people like me. Muslims are leading war in my country but christians cannt be involved in war against Muslims. Why? Why christians cannt hate Muslims? Why christian God prohibited to kill Muslims? Why christian God says that all who will shed blood of people are sinners? Why the same
christian God said that all who are sinning and killing others will die and cannt be in His presence? Why Ahmed, God of love doesnt fight the god of war in the same way as god of war is doing? But God of Love is saving all who are doomed to be killed and punished for their sins?  Do you see now difference
between the TRUTH and LOVE …the haterid and war made by all means??!
If as you claim your god loves you unconditional, live
in adultery and a lesbian life, forget about praying and going to church. –
No, Ahmed. We will not live with you in adultary and in sins or as you said in lesbian life. But we will be changed by God’s grace! God loves you
Ahmed! HE LOVES YOU, Ahmed! It is called GRACE! Love toward you is free of charge because God cannt be Hared! He is LOVE! Such is His essence! It means He will use any change, any minute of your life and any possibility to save your life by persuading you in His LOVE and talking to your heart! His love is for you! He will forget, Ahmed, all your sins. He will clean you from your sins!
You wll be holy as He is HOLY! It is God’s Love toward you! TRUE LOVE!
Forget about annoying me with your Emails.- you know that I cannt. If your God loves sinners ask the priest in the church to close confession rooms in the church and let’s live like Jungle. – He loves us and His desire is to clean us from our sins! He wants that we will be holy as He is Holy! He calls us His sons! We are His inheritance! We will be perfect and holy Ahmed with you in His Kingdom! He is our future!

Allah in Islam loves Muslims,- Love of Allah is in Islam conditional. Allah in Islam doesnt love all people and He dosnt love sinners! Christian God knows that we all are sinners and He desires to clean us from our sins through faith into Him-In TO HIS SON- JESUS CHRIST! Believers in him not those who follow devil or getpaid  for falsifying people. –believers in TRUE God are sinners and murderers, adulterers…all who are now forgiven by God’s mercy through faith into Jesus Christ. They dont have any sins anymore! God has forgotten all their sins and cleaned them from their madness. Thet have now a new life, new hope, and a new changed behavior. Their are called in Bible a
born again christians. You can be one of them. It is your choice!

True God in Islam only. – there are Millions of gods. Some of them are gods of rain or war. But God of a TRUE LOVE is only One. And He is in christianity. Allah in Islam is not the same Allah who claims to be the Perfect
God in christianity.

Son of God- Jesus Christ said that He is the ONLY Way to God Father, the LIFE and the TRUTH!

Son of God-Jesus Christ- was killed and resurrected

He loves you and through faith into Him He is giving you everything.

His precious blood washed away your sins if you believes in Him!

It is now your time to find a TRUE GOD

who LOVES you

and will SAVE you

through FAITH

into SON of God – Jesus Christ!

Let’s pray right now!

Lord Jesus, come into my life!

I know that I am a sinner.

And thank You for diying on the cross for my sin

and paying prize for it and risen again from the dead.

I am turning from my sin now.

And I am making choice to follow You as my Savior and Lord.

Thank You for calling me and forgiving me, and receiving me, and loving me.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

bless you all now
when you
are reading this letter!

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