Kingdom of Heaven for Arabs

Why Christians are killing Arabs?

Christian God loves Arabs and Muslims

Why christians are killing Arabs?

God is LOVE and killing is just unacceptable for HIM


Why christians are killing Arabs?


Brother Gamal and brothers Arabs,

my replies are in white collors:

1- Are you married…if you love your husband and you found him  is sleeping with  another woman , this is  is happening  and you may find non Muslim man marry one and  has lot of lovers and illegally has life with them. What are you going to do?-  it is adultery I would talk to him and try to explain that if he will continue sinning then he will die. Punishment for sin is death- said Christian God. One reason allowed by God to divorce a husband is if you cannot forgive his adultery.

2- In islam is allowed for a man to marry 1-4 women and the  Muslim woman will feel some bad feelings for that  multiple marriage  but will accept the legal way at the end. ( this is the nature of the woman to have selfish life ..but is legal ). so What do you think to do ? if compared to the previous question…and your husband has  more than one legal wife.- first of all I should not be married with Muslim man because it is very dangerous for my faith. Faith into ONE God can be forgotten by me. Besides the marriage with non-believer means that it will be life-long fighting. God wants us to give life-long peace and happiness but not fight.

3-If you have such believe in your heart , so who is asking you to tell the others such long messages and what do like to get then.- they are my blood- Arabs I mean. I am speaking with my family about our Father. Father will save them. I cannot do it.

4-Arabs and non arabs are living on the same earth …can you leave the earth to the sky and bring proof of what you say…because what are you talking about is really..non mind sense…or even to feel it is true…so can you give  me proof from other place about what  are you saying or from the surrounding that your God and his called son is able to get some knowledge about this world rather than the earth… and from where do you know.? I do not use bible words not accepted.- proof. Yes I can prove that God is alive. Who can change terrorist  -Fatah fighter who trained Palestinian children to kill Jews- and make him to pray with Jew on his knees? Man? Woman? NO. GOD! Hundreds Jews were killed by his hands and by hands of Palestinian children, whom he trained, but He is crying now with Jew because of love to Jewish nation. He was sniper of Yasser Arafat.  Look how he prays in this interview here: Forbidden peace here:

5- If your god of christians and his son want save  and love the world. And the other God for jewish. do the same ….tell me why such huge number of people killed since old  history of the Roman empire and christian Empire till the world wars. Till today your God and his son to save the peoples from sins and prepare their followers to kill the people every where. ( 55,000,000.00 in the 1st and 2nd  wars) by the christian  world either by nuclear and ordinary weapons…this is your God teaches for love to Destroy the worlds and kill the people till today.- brother Gamal, first of all to understand who is killing people lets look who is God?  He is LOVE. What is His teaching? Jesus said that any one who will hit you on one cheek, you should put another one to him. It means that Jesus was talking about PEACE! His Teaching was teaching of PEACE from the God of PEACE. True peace is only in Him. Also he said that any one who will kill another person will die in hell fire if he will not repent. It means that He is holy and such sins as hatred or killing is not acceptable for Him! As you know Muslim Ummah in Islam consist of true believers and secular believers who dont do what Allah says but they consider themselves as Muslims because their father and mother also were called Muslim. But we know that ethnicity has nothing to do with religion. It means if you are sinner you will die in Islam in hell fire. It is the same what God says in Bible. If you didnt repent and not forgiven by fadl (grace) of Allah through faith into God Jesus then you will die without being in the presence of God. So like in Ummah there are many people who claim to be Christians (in-the-name-only- Christians or secular Christians) or also crusaders who killed Arabs and shed their blood because they could not agree with words of God Jesus: dont kill and turn another cheek if one will hit you. If they didnt obey Jesus it means they are died and in hell. All people who claim to be Christians and kill Arabs and other people will die! Because God said it. Just word Christian” means nothing! But Christ or Issa Al-Massih in our hearts is EVERYTHING! I told you that I am Muslim who submitted to the TRUE God of LOVE and PEACE in Islam of Issa Ibn Allah! Knowing high standards of God: dont kill and turn cheek if some one hits you, forget about sins of other unbelievers claimed to be Christians and judge yourselves right now! In this judgment you will know that you will die because of your sins. But now you have possibility to accept Gods love and forgiveness of sins from hands of Issa Ibn Allah whose hands and legs were pierced instead of you! To Justify you in front of God Father! Yes it is GREAT and PERFECT LOVE of PERFECT God!

Please , use your mind and do not send any what is called bible words. it is opposite what is happening and what are you saying and your Bilbe..where is the love , where the  sin forgiveness. we are not seeing since decades ..only killings in Bosnia , Kosovo , Palestine , Indonesia ..kings Island  , in Africa in Asia ..every where where is the love of your God and his called son…..and who is killed then?- brother Gamal, you asked: where is peace? Here…right here in my heart and yours. We found peace with you. I am Jew and you are Arab. So there is peace in our body, heart, mind..peace of God. The same peace have missions of Arabs and Jews! Because it cannot be other then that if you meets God of TRUE Peace! TRUE GOD!


Pray this prayer after me and be saved:

Jesus, my Lord, Issa Al Massih, I know that I am a sinner.

I know now that You are God.

Forgive me that I didn’t believe in You and sinned all my life.

And thank You for diying on the cross for my sin

and paying prize for it and risen again from the dead.

I am turning from my sin now.

And I am making choice to believe in You all my life

and follow You as my Savior and Lord.

Thank You for calling me and forgiving me, and receiving me, and loving me.

Thank you Lord that You adopted me through my Faith into YOU.

Help me to follow You from this day forward.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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