Allah in Christianity and Islam


Christianity and Islam

I offer my conversation with    my sister.
My replies are in red color:

First: One question is not answered from previous email … about killers and liars … still you are saying in two different places that killers shouldn’t be killed in that cruel way for God knows that we are humans and he found us a way to deal with this by coming to earth and suffering for us to forgive our sins … but later you say … yes he hates sins so sins can’t happen in his presence … so he doesn’t accept liars … why? still he knows that we are sinners and he found us a way with his love … if this can be applied for killers why can’t it be applied for liars. Sorry but it is not convincing to say that killers are to be forgiven while liars not! and according to his none acceptance to liars they will go to hell … but you said hell is against mercy!! – Ok. I was talking about 2 Allahs. One was Allah in christianity and another in Islam. So, the christian Allah loves people, even murders. He came to earth to save us and show God Father who He is…that He is God of LOVE. Yes, He hates sins because sins are not acceptable for Him (lease note: sins! but not people!) He acceptsliers but He hates their lie. Sin to kill person is the same as other sins…so we all are equal sinners…eqal murders and liers…All peop el who are sinners will be forgiven TROUGH Faith into Son of God- Jesus Christ.n for forgiveness! Only it is one criterion for forgiveness. Allah in Islam: he loves righteous people, but hates liers. Please note! He hates people! Not their sins! I said earlier if Allah hates people then what for do you need such god? If religion is against you then dont be stupid to accept it! How loving God can hate people?! It is impossible for TRUE GOD! Such is God in Bible! I am calling Him as ‘christian’ God. 🙂 But He is God of Arabs and Palestinians, God of all people! No one who believes in him will not persish but through faith gains eternal lifeand “ticket” to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Second: Acording to what you said …. human beings are in Jesus mercy that’s why no punishments even for killers. I like this … but what if someone was doing many bad deeds … what if he harms someone else … what if he is a thief but still he had some good deeds … will he be forgiven? shouldn’t he be punished? it really sounds safe, but just for him not for others living around him. It means he will run away with all harms he caused. And concerning the example you used about your friend … I am not sure where did you learn about Islam from, but according to what I know in Islam … killers who should be killed are not those who are fighting in war or killing by mistake. those are not to be put to death.There is one thing I feel not clear for me here … In christianity, people are in two packs … sinners and forgiven people … no rates for them … no levels between them …. is this true?-
Yes. it is true. No levels between sinners..all are equal…they gained status which will never allow them to exist togather with God. Because to exist them togather or they are should be holy or God should be sinner too…So, Justice is to punish person for sin but mercy is to forgive person. To belong to this group called by you as “forgiven people” we should: 1. believe in Jesus that He is God. 2. sincerely repent (turn away from sins. It means if you killed- dont kill anymore, if you commited adultary- stop sinning and turn to God. So actually repentance is confession of sins to God and leaving them far away from you and your existance. True forgiven people will not kill anymore, it means they are not dangerous for society anymore…they saword was taken by God’s love and thrown away from them. No sword- no blood anymore…My Iranian friend escaped from prison paying bribe (second his crime here) but he sapnt more then 5 years in prison here. So, sin is sin and it should be punished by Sharia or local laws…no matter…it is like pre-court wich we wll will face after our death. We should be present before the seat of God and we will be responsible for every sin… so, let’s avoid this court…We will be as christians with you before this seat of God but we will not be punished. Because Jesus was punished instead of us…We will receive with you the crone of riteousness…and enter His Kingdom. Because the verdict to be punished entered into force already! His (Jesus’hands) hands were pierced insted of your hands and my hands… no fault or guilty left on you anymore! Jesus blood washed away your sins like water of wuzu…nothing left what could separate you and your God! You are not in black cloths anymore! You are in white clothing shining by glory of God! You will be shinng like star eternelly in YOUR and YOUR GOD’s KINGDOM! All what He has belongs to you now! Already on the earth! Like if you would fly to the Saudi Arabia sitting in plain but knowing that you have return ticket to the USA because you paid for round-trip ticket!

Third: Bahira: I really appreciate your efforts with me, but please don’t keep talking about love of God, it is nothing different than what I hear in Islam, it is the same Love of God in Islam the same tears in repentance, (I think you mean God too, because you keep saying Jesus loves you and you said Jesus is God). Now it seems to me that you are trying to give me the easy way to live without convincing me. I understand that you don’t mean that, but I am kind of practical … these emotional talks make me feel like someone is trying to beautify things for me to find it nice and easy. –
yes i know that repentance in Islam is the same like in christianity. But there is NO such love in Islam and NO such forgiveness. Such “emotional things” are what God feels toward YOU.  It was said by me not about my love but about His LOVE to you…personally to you….it was His love confession….He will do it untill last second of your life….not me….

Last: only one question is left for me: If God or Jesus came to earth to take the suffering (please tell me if I misunderstand anything) he suffered to forgive people, then whoever believes in this will be forgiven no matter what sins he does in his life (except for this issue of lying that I still don’t understand) and he will be sent to paradise.. Then, what about people who lived before Jesus? what will happen to them? they have no way for forgiveness?- Yes. Jesus suffred to forgive you and me…all our sins are forgiven through faith into HIM. Faith! Not good deeds! No matter which sins…all sins are disbelief in God and disobedience to Him. Liers and all other people without cleaning from their sins will die…Islam says it also. But no one will forgive you in Islam. Do you know why? Because God is NOT in Islam. He is God of Ibrahim, Jacob and Issac. He has who is ONE! He is Holy Spirit, God Father, God Son- Jesus Christ! After death Jesus came to hell. He said to all people who died before His birth that He is God- Son of God- and all who will believe in him are free. Many people believed in Him. They are in heaven now with Him. Who refused to believe in Him could not be forced to believe!!!!

Oh … this is too much … I wrote a lot … I trust you are ok with my multiple questions now 🙂 so I will not worry. – of course i am happy to talk to you! I will tell you all what i know…just ask me…

Son of God- Jesus Christ said that He is the ONLY Way to God Father, the LIFE and the TRUTH!

Son of God-Jesus Christ- was killed and resurrected

He loves you and through faith into Him He is giving you everything.

His precious blood washed away your sins if you believes in Him!

It is now your time to find a TRUE GOD

who LOVES you

and will SAVE you

through FAITH

into SON of God – Jesus Christ!

Let’s pray right now!

Lord Jesus, come into my life!

I know that I am a sinner.

And thank You for diying on the cross for my sin

and paying prize for it and risen again from the dead.

I am turning from my sin now.

And I am making choice to follow You as my Savior and Lord.

Thank You for calling me and forgiving me, and receiving me, and loving me.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


bless you now

when you are

reading this letter!

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