Who is Allah in christianity?

Who is Allah in christianity?

There is no such mercy in Allah in Islam like there is mercy of Allah in Bible.

No one died for you in Islam to set you free from your sins, to give you forgiveness free of charge and to give you eternity and future with God in His Kingdom.

One guy from Saudy Arabia was punished for murder. But he lived righteous life. It was just one his sin- he killed one man….but he made countless number of good deeds.

If Sharia cannot accept this situation without punishing him, it means that it is just.

But what is justice then?

Justice to kill human beings sending them to hell?

Justice to let you be tormented and suffered eternelly in hell fire?

If God is such then let’s forget such religion! Because such religion is against us!

If religion is selfdestruction then we dont need it!

Thanks to the Lord that God revealed Himself to us as LOVING God.

He is not human being. He is different then me and you.

He cannt accept our sins in christianity but He found solution to justify you and me through faith.

That’s why He decided to send His Only Son to earth to save us and show us who trully God is.

We saw in Jesus that God LOVES us. He lives sinnless. Just it was impossible for Him to sin. Sin is not His nature.

He was killed on cross but in three days He was resurected. He is alive and He loves you! He came for you to earth…only to give you mercy called grace by forgiving YOU!
You will be clean without any stain. He will forget your madness and countless number of sins.His love forgives personally you.He chose you from the beginning of His creation of the world. He knew you and His love is aimed for you. Only you are the whole world for Him that’s why He is your God and He will be talking into your heart about His love untill the last second of your life on the earth. After this time of life here on the earth will be finished, you will see Him. He will embrace you and will never let you be apart from Him! Because you are His inheritance!

Christian God is ready to forgive this murder because He loves this murder and always loved Him. If God is LOVE it eans He could not be different than love. Or love or not. So, He will clean his life, hands from blood making wuzu Himself for him.  Because His love and sufferings on cross was for this Iranian guy. God suffered to be with us..His heart was suffered terrible pain wen we all sinned by killing people and commiting other transgressions…. Now it is time of reconciliation with  God…..time of peace and  forgiveness. Ramadan will be for us not for  one month as in Islam but for all our life. Ramadan of fasting and coming closer to God with our prayers…Ramadan of clear and new life..Ramadan of love and Kingdom of christian Allah already here on the earth in our bodies, our hearts and lives. Ramadan to the most gracious God in His Kingdom here on the earth. We are Hs Kingdom and He will be in our hearts!

If  Allah in christianity hates sins because sins are not acceptable for Himand His essence it means that all sinners cannt be in His presence. Do you know that before to go to pray in Islam you should make wuzu- to be clean. It is sysmbol in Islam that we all should be clean from sins to come into the presence of God. So, if sins are not acceptable for God it means that lie is notacceptable for Him. If Allah is called in Islam as makir or “best deceiver” (Suras 3:54, 7:99, 8:30, 10:21, 13:42, 4:142, 8:43-44) or torturer (Sura 9:14, 18:30)
let’s submit to the most greatious God who hates lie, torture and sins!
Because His nature is
There is only One Truth and God Jesus said that He is this only One TRUTH! He loves you even if you dont believe in Him…even if you are in Islam – he loves, loved an will love you!. He loved you when you were born and even before your birth He knew you and yor name! He will always be next to you…believe me…because His LOVE will never be changed for you. Because He is not human being to be changed! Such perfect God we have, such great LOVE we see, such great love  makes us to cry in repentance , such great love makes us put our hearts before His feet. Such great love wins our souls and makes us to strive to find His face and HIM! Thank you Lord for WHO YOU ARE!

Lord Jesus, please keep in your faifhul hands the life and soul of Nancy, my brothers Muslims and all who are reading this message. Never let her and them be lost and without You. Wipe all her  and their tears. Be her and their God, love and Purpose of life. God we commit to You our hearts and all our  inside. Everything belongs to You. Accept our lives and take care of our ways on our road to YOU. Amen.
There is one body
and one Spirit,
just as you were called in one hope of your calling;
one Lord,
one faith,
one baptism;
one God
and Father of all,
who is above all,
and through all,
and in you all.

Ephesians 4:4-6


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