Prayer about Arabs


John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.

No one comes to the Father, except through me.”


Oh Jesus Your LOVE is great! You know Nancy.

You know all days of her life. Save her, my holy God.

My heart is bleeding and asking You about salvation for her.

Lord come to her, I am asking You. Dwell in her heart. Be her God. Forgive her.

Save her as you saved many my brothers.

MY God You know them, You know all of them.Come to Adel Kader and Yousuf and Najjar and Saeed.

Please bring them salvation. Especially I am asking You about Jamal. Save him Lord. Be his Savior.

Be his light. Be salvation for Gamal. Be his God, his Hope, his Protection, his Doctor.

Don’t forget them. Don’t forget my prayer.

Great God please lift up Your countenance from heaven upon all people who are reading this prayer.

The Holy Spirit please come into their hearts and tell them about Your LOVE.

We cannot know You Lord until You will not reveal Yourself to us!  God of LOVE.

Please be God of my brothers.

You called them a great nation.

Turn their hearts to You.

Cleanse their hands from blood. Wash  their hearts by the living water, by the Holy Spirit. Bring them into Your home.

To Your home where  You will be their God. Here is my prayer. Here are my tears. Here is pain of my heart about my people Arabs. Save them God. Eternal God.

The Creator of everything. Only You exist.

Don’t let them perish when everything will be finished.  Let their way never will be finished because they will go further with YOU.

In this universe You are the ONLY God. They belong to You. You created them.  Be their God. Forgive them, turn them

to You.

Protect them and set them free. You are our Freedom, living God. I am asking You: please be with them. Be their salvation.

And Your light will be around them and in them. And Your light is YOU. You will be in them and in their countries.



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