Kingdom of Heaven for Arabs

Prayer about Arabs and Pakistan




God loves you Pakistan!
God is yours, India!


God has plan for you!



Lord, forgive me my sins!  Lord, only You are great. Open Your hand and fill the lives of my brothers with Your Love. Fill their lives with Your blessings. And let their voices sing to You a new song. Songs of worship to You – who is worthy to accept such worship. Where is God who died for us because of His love to us?!  Which religion is singing worship to such God of Love with thankful hearts?! Where are all gods? They are nothing. They don’t exist. If You didn’t create them, it means they don’t exist.  You called us- gods. And you want that we would deserve You. How can we deserve You? Here our hands are in blood….. Here we killed…. Here we commited so many sins and our sins separated us from You so far. There is no Father for us…there is no Hope… but You descended to us from the Heaven.  You brought us salvation. You took me  at hand. You cleansed it from blood and transgressions. You loved me. And to You, great Lord, I am presenting my worship now. To You- the Holy Spirit -I am singing now. For You- the Holy Spirit -is this worship. You are my River of life. You are my Light in the night. And I will not stumble. Wherever would be my soul….You are there with me too. Never You will forsake me. God, great God, come to my brothers! Cleanse them from their transgressions. Give them FAITH. Return them back to You. And let Your Way will lead them to You. Lord, save my brother Ahmed! And REVEAL Yourself to him! Reveal him who You are and be his God!  God, wipe away our tears, Father!  Help us!  Save Zahid and give him Your forgiveness! Bring him to Your Kingdom and let Your Kingdom be in his country, in his Pakistan, in his life!  Let all Your blessings come upon him! And let Pakistan worship Your name. My God, come to Egypt! Save my brothers there! Bring freedom and deliverance to my Arab people! Let the countless number of angels fight for my Egypt and raise Your people to establish Your Kingdom in our countries and in Egypt. Let the power of the Holy Spirit set us free all over the world.  Come, Lord, My Freedom, to my brothers who are reading this prayer! By the power of the Holy Spirit tell them about You! Save them all! I am praying about all of them like about one person. They all deserve to be saved and dwell with You! Tell them about Your love, Lord! You are our WAY, and the TRUTH and the LIFE! Amen.







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