Do Muslims believe in the same God as we christian Arabs do?

God is LOVE



I am the Resurection,

I am the LIFE.

All who believe in Me
shall LIVE forever

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Issa Allah humma inna nast’eenuka wa nastaghfiruka wa nu’minu bika wa natawak-kalu ‘alayka wa nuthne ‘alayk-al khayr
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Reply to my sister Mariam

Issa Allah, subhana Kal-lah hum-ma wabi hamdika wata-bara kasmuka wata’ala jad-duka wala ilaha ghyruka!

Brothers i will reply to your claims. You say:

They, Muslims, have found the doctrine that sit well with their logic .- We, Christian Arabs and ex-Muslimbackground belivers have FAITH in Jesus engraved on our hearts by the Holy Spirit. The question is: do you know who is the Holy Spirit? Muslims confused they even dont understand their scriptures Qur’an but why? BECAUSE THRERE is NO one in this scriptures who is called God of Ibrahim! This God of Ibrahim said in more then 300 prophecies in Bible about Jesus His Son that He will suffer to free Muslim world and Arab nation from madness called False religions, sins, and slavery. This Freedom called Jesus came already to the Muslim world! This freedom is coming to brothers Arabs through holy words of God. And who can stop God from speaking. Kill us. But God  is immortal. God gave us eternal life already now. What does death mean for us christians? Nothing. Death will not stop us calling Muslims world to commit your lives to the ONE TRUE God of Ibrahim because death is destruction and this destruction through fire of sins is burning you already now in your lives which are hell on the earth. Hell is place where people are separarted from God. Muslims, Arabs, listen to me. You are separated from God. You are not following God becaus He is NOT in Islam. Stop madness. Look for love, purpose and peace because this God of LOVE is knocking at the door of your heart. This God brought living water- His Spirit- to comfort you and heal your wounds and ilnesses which are result of your sins and life without this ONE Great and Perfect God. Light of God is shining in the world. But you are blind and dont want to get rid of your sins. Rise up Arab nation from this world and strive to see face of God who is NOT punishment BUT salvation through His own sufferings on the cross for the sake of Mona, Dalia and Mariam. Rise up Arabs and live eternally as sons and daughters you will worship name of God in His Kingdom, This Kingdom will be yours right now but repent and BELIVE in this blood shed of these holy hands from this cross like river of salvation to wash the sins of Arab world from your hands and hearts. Look this God who was killed is staying in His Kingdom surrounded by Glory and Light. This God will come to Egypt with blessings and peace. Peace to Arab nation. Arabs will see our God Jesus and Jihad will stop in our holy Land. Holy Land will be under your feet Arabs. Holy Land will be where you will put your foot and where you will step. Holy land will be in your hearts forgven of all your sins and iniquities. God of Love will justify you and He will live with you in your hearts and in Palestine. Again as earlier He will breath in air of Palestine and embrace you. Just commit your lives to Him and His blessing will descend upon you and your world like river from the throne of God. Arabs, be blessed by this Great and Perfect God. Amen.


Do Muslims worship the same God as We chsitan Arabs and ex-Muslimbackground believers do?


thank you for message.

If you think that you follow the One God of Ibrahim then you should believe this God!
Do you do it?
God of Ibrahim said: in Isaiah 53 how Jesus should suffer but why?

10 Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise Him;
He has put Him to grief.
When You make His soul an offering for sin
He shall see His seed, He shall prolong His days,
And the pleasure of the LORD shall prosper in His hand.
11 He shall see the labor of His soul,and be satisfied.
By His knowledge My righteous Servant shall justify many,
For He shall bear their iniquities.
12 Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great,
And He shall divide the spoil with the strong,
Because He poured out His soul unto death,
And He was numbered with the transgressors,
And He bore the sin of many,
And made intercession for the transgressors.

Dalia God said in prophecies that this Jesus died FOR you. BUT you refuse to believe this God. When you dont believe His words you claim that He is lier. You claim that He is Not God. Ok. But you deceided to follow prophet Muhammad. Muhammad was talking about another God. It was NOT this God talking about Jesus intercessor! It means YOU follow FALSE God- FALSE religion. Muhammed said to study Holy scriptures of Jews BUT you refuse to believe in God of Jews. Then what is the reason for you to study these words…if you are without God…if mosques are empty…God of Islam DOESN’t hear you because HE DOES NOT exist like golden cows of gold are just idols and NO ONE is inside them. There is NO God behind walls of beautiful mosques…there is NO one who LOVES you before the creation of the world in these words of Qur’an. BECAUSE one God who justifies and LOVES you…. only ONE and He is NOT in Islam.
What can He tell you Dalia? What does He want to tell you? Who are you for Him? What is the reason to create you Dalia if your deliberate choice pools you to hell?

What can He tell you Dalia?- that He loves you and will NOT stop loving you! Your disbelief in Him breaks His heart. Don’t make the heart of God of universe to cry during your burial in hell.

What does He want to tell you?- repent, believe and LIVE with Him. Your faith in Him will stop your destruction. He will resore you like beautiful building…like Tempel where He will NEVER leave or forsake you!

Who are you for Him?-EVERYTHING

What is the reason to create you Dalia if your deliberate choice drags you to hell?- He knows that you are worthy to LOVE you and that’s why when even you left Him He is WITH you watching you, persuading you about Him and talking about His love and salvation.

Dalia i remember one conversation with Islam scolar from Turkey in university I studied. He invited me to talk about Islam.
And interpreter was translating what sclolar said. I stoped this teacher and said:

Please let’s forget about Islam and any religion for a moment. Religion has a special purpose. But if we dont belong to any religion and we meet shahyds killing people during Jihad WHAT will our conscience say? What will our inside say? Our being called personality is AGAINST murder and crimes!
So, it means we are following the religion which is AGAINST our conscience and our personality? YES. And there are millions such FALSE religions.
What do we need? FIRST- to analyse what is PROFITABLE for us!
1. salvation in islam which could not be reached? Or salvation of Jesus died to forgive us already NOW in this life? Forgiveness of ALL our sins!
2. life in Islam with senceless prayers. Or commitment of our lives to God died on the CROSS because of His love toward us?
3.End of this life and a place in a line to the Judgement throne of God in Islam. Or Judgement day to embrace God and present Him our gratitude for His LOVE, salvation and mercy called GRACE?

God Jesus please save Dalia. Save Mona. Save all who are reading my and Your words about You. Give them salvation and forgiveness of all their sins. Make them holy as You are holy and thank You for Your grace and endless mercy to Arab nation. Amen.


…..interpreter was very confused that he could not translate any more…

Issa Allahu akbar!

Jesus said to us:

“Here I stand knocking at the door,

if anyone hears my voice and opens the door,

I will come in and sit down to supper with him

And he with me.”

Let us share this meal with hearts unlocked,

Remembering the words of Jesus:

“I shall indeed be with you soon.”

And let us answer, “Amen, come, Lord Jesus!”

Issa Allahumma Innee Zalamtu nafsee zthulman katheeran wa la yaghfaru zunuba illa anta faghfirlee maghfiritam min indika war hamnee innaka antal ghaforar raheem.
    Will God forgive all my sins?
    WHAT is Salvation?
    How can I be saved?
    Will God adopt me? Does He really loved me BEFORE the creation of the world?

Arabs, Muslims, pray this prayer below and BE SAVED of ALL your sins:

Now it is your time to be saved by perfect God!


I said that I am sinner. That I love Arabs. And I am ready to refure eternal life that only they will be saved. I was talking about Gamal, Nancy, Mona and Dalia. I am sinner but I am forgiven by grace and mercy of God. So, already now I have eternal life and Kingdom of Heaven. But this pain is very terrible if my brothers will die without God! It was voice of my heart what you quoted. I have salvation. My name is wrtitten in the Book of life. God is called me His inheritance and daughter. I will be eternally with Him. But I need desperatelly you to join HIM!!

I found personal relationships with God! You can find it too! He is not our Master any more, He is our Father!  I urge you now to find such great and LOVING Father!  Do you have today absolute assurance that if you will die today you will go to Heaven? Where you stand in your relationships with God? If you are not one of those people then I urge you to get right with God! And I will close my message by prayer and I will give you opportunity to commit yourself to Jesus Christ who is God. So, you can know that you will go to Heaven when you will die. Father, speak to every person listening to my words in this message. Help everyone of us to be right with You, knowing that we are ready to meet You in your Kingdom. Jesus said that we should be born again or more literal rendering of that statement is “you need to be born from ABOVE”. We are not automatically born again Christians!  How is one born from above?  How do spiritual rebirth take place? If someone says I have been converted to receive Christ what does it mean? It means there is a moment in their life when they made a personal commitment to the Lord and have responded to the OFFER of Eternal life. Would you like to do it? I ‘d like to lead you in a prayer. And as you pray this prayer from the bottom part of your heart you too can be born from above! You can be certain that if you are converted your sin is forgiven. If you would like to make this commitment, pray this prayer wherever you are!

Pray this prayer now: Jesus forgive me of my sin. I know that I have sinned against You but I thank You for dying on the cross for me and rising again from the dead. Now be my personal Lord and Savior and write my name in the Book of the life! Forgive me all my sins and cleanse my hands from the blood of my sins. And help me to follow You from this day forward! Thank You that You came into my life and You saidthaI am child of God now.

If you have just prayed this prayer Jesus Christ came into your life and God tells us in Bible that if we will believe in His name, we will know that we have eternal life. And if you have taken this step of prayer to believe in Him you can know that God has indeed forgiven you. Let me personally assure you that you have made the right decision. The decision to follow God Jesus Christ!

Read what i published on my site.
To be “born again” for new life with God or “born from above” you need: believe in Jesus
2. sincerely repent in all your sins
3. Live with God and not against Him.
Haitam read it and let me know what do you think?! Ok?
Lord Jesus please save my brother Haitam and all who are readyng this emssage and write their names in the Book of the life. Be their God. Their Salvation. Their Freedom. Their Future. Their LOVE!
Jesus protect them and lead them to Your and their Kingdom..Kingdom of Heaven. Adopt them  and bless them by the power of the Holy Spirit to be sons of GOD!

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