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God loves you Muslims

Jesus and Holy War

Jesus also placed His disciples into a spiritual battle, but without spear and arrow. He said to Peter, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword” (Matthew 26:52). Christ never called his followers to an armed crusade. He strictly forbade the spreading of the kingdom of God with weapons. None of His apostles went armed on any missionary journey.

Christ Himself spoke to Peter, “Do you think that I cannot pray to my Father, and He will provide Me with more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matthew 26:53). Had He done so, both His visible and invisible enemies would have been annihilated before the battle had begun. But that was not the case, and is not the way of Jesus Christ. He chose the cross, the sign of devotion and weakness for His divine victory over sin, Satan, and death. Paul recognised the secret of Christ and said a few years later, “When I am weak, then I am strong” (2 Corinthians 12:10).

In the beginning, the disciples of Jesus did not understand the principle of spiritual authority clothed in human weakness. They wanted to fight, and hoped to build a strong government. The Lord continually led them back to powerlessness, meekness and humility, so that the prophetic word might be fulfilled, “`Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit’ says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6).

For the followers of Christ it is unthinkable to fight and kill to spread the gospel. For Christians, only humble devotion to their Lord is allowed and love for their neighbour, even to the point of self-sacrifice. We have no rights and have received no command for retaliatory vengeance or blood-vengeance in the gospel. More than that, Jesus has commanded us to unconditional forgiveness, just as He has forgiven us all our sins. The cross of Christ unmasks the spirit of Muhammad.

Christ did not inflict harm on anyone, not even on His enemies. He taught: “It is better to suffer wrong than to commit wrong” (Matthew 5:38-48 and 1 Corinthians 6:7). Khomeini reserved the right to proclaim in the spirit of Muhammad: “It is better to commit wrong than to suffer wrong.” Christ erected the kingdom of God based on love and righteousness, while Muhammad resorted to carrying out unrighteousness by force. Until today, hate and revenge are strong motivating forces in the lives of Muslims. Christ commanded His disciples to love everyone in the power of the Holy Spirit. This includes even the love of enemies, forgiveness toward those who are guilty, and patience with the weak. Spreading the gospel occurs through the Spirit of God with prayer, love, forgiveness and confession. Religious wars that are carried out in the name of Christ find no justification in the Gospel.

On the cross, Jesus forgave His enemies and did not curse any of the men that nailed Him to the cross. He even tried to save Judas in the last minute, after He received the traitor’s kiss. Jesus took the penitent criminal on the cross with him into paradise and filled the disciples, who had deserted him, with the Holy Spirit. The holy war of Christians demands the denial of self and the entire sacrifice of the messenger. The holy war of Muslims plunges countless families and peoples into bloodshed and sorrow.

Jesus was an example of frugality and modesty. He possessed neither home nor donkey. Jesus chose to reject social power. Muhammad, on the other hand, spurred his followers on to loot and plunder. Paul wrote, “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:10). Diligence and manual work, not attacks on the heathen, were Jesus’ ethics.

Muhammad personally took part in military campaigns. In so doing he participated in the murder of his enemies. He called upon the believers in the Qur’an several times to, “Slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush” (Sura al-Nisa 4:89; al-Tawba 9:5). Thus, corresponding actions of Muslims thus do not signify individual offences, but rather occur at the command of Allah.

When Muhammad had strengthened his power in Medina, he had several of his personal enemies, especially the poets who scoffed at him, killed at the hands of commissioned men. He demanded assassination and revenge. While Medina was encircled and besieged, some Jews of the city conspired with the enemies. Following his victory Muhammad agreed that a mass grave be dug and had several hundred men of this tribe killed by the sword. Muhammad was a mass murderer, and his hands drip with the blood of countless people.

Jesus, however, did not sacrifice others – only Himself. He died on the cross for His friends and enemies – also for Muhammad. But Muhammad resisted Jesus and rejected Him as the crucified Son of God. His spirit was opposed to the spirit of Jess Christ.

Jesus taught an entirely different way of life. He set us free from accusing demands and oppressive burdens of the law. Christians no longer live under the law, but in grace.

It cannot be questioned that the law of the Old Testament is in itself good and holy. God Himself is the law, because He said, “Be ye holy, for I am holy.” He made Himself the standard when He spoke to Abraham: “I am the Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless (complete)!”

In this way, the law of God not only gives us wisdom to adjust our lives according to the blessing of God, but in addition the Holy Spirit enlightens us to recognise our sin and leads us to humility, brokenness and complete awareness of total spiritual bankruptcy before God. Our pride must be shattered. All of our good deeds appear as filthy garments in the light of God. We lack the glory and perfection of God. That is our entire sin. Without Jesus we are all irretrievably lost.

Christ, however, is the end of the law. Whoever believes in Him is justified. Pious achievements, long prayers and ascetic exercises do not save anyone. Christ Himself has reconciled us once and forever to the Father. We are freed from the continual demand of the law that says we must bring good works for the One who justifies us. Christ is our truth, righteousness and justification. He is the love of God in person. Allah in Islam is not love, but law.

Paul, an expert on the Torah, wrote about the meaning and effect of Christ’s death, in view of the law, in a more detailed manner than did the other apostles. We have been justified without silver or gold by the blood of Christ. All demands of the law were met and fulfilled with the death of Christ. Our sins have been atoned for. We have been removed and freed from the final judgement. Jesus has justified us from all accusations of Satan. Christians are no longer under the law, but live in grace. They are free from the compulsion of trying to save themselves. They have a Saviour. Neither the word salvation nor the idea of salvation through grace occurs in the Qur’an.

Such facts effect the entire religious and ethical life of a culture. Christians are free to be thankful. They serve God with gladness in every area of life, not with the hidden thought that their own works might possibly justify them. They willingly surrender their money, time and life for Jesus as an offering of thanks because they have already been justified. They do not work for reward, for their Lord Himself is their reward, their salvation and their righteousness. This motivating force in their lives leads to devotion, thanksgiving and praise for God’s free and marvellous grace. Therein lies the secret of a joyful and blessed Christian life.

The pride of a Christian believer is broken by confessing his sins. He no longer needs to appear as a pious hypocrite. He has found his identity: a sinner justified by grace! He has received a new life from God as a gift and recognises the voice of the Comforter in his heart.

Christians live continuously from the benefits of forgiveness won by their Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, they are programmed for forgiveness. Jesus has forgiven them and their enemies all sins, so they have the ability and desire to forgive anyone at any time. Christians must not take revenge. Jesus has satisfied all demands of the law universally. It is not wrong, but right, when you forgive your debtor, just as you have been forgiven. The cross of Christ is the open door that leads us out of the compulsion of retaliatory thinking and hate into the freedom of mercy and forgiveness. When we know Jesus, then grace goes before law. In Islam it is the opposite.

Christians know their verdict on the day of judgement in advance. Officially it will be said: failed, guilty, condemned! But the voice of Jesus says: justified, cleansed, saved! This sinner has accepted My grace through faith. Because of Christ Christians no longer live in uncertainty and tremble before death and eternity. The cross of Jesus is their righteousness. Jesus’ resurrection has become their life. It is not the fear of judgement that drives them to live a God-fearing life. Rather, having been condemned and crucified with Christ they die to themselves and no longer live their own lives, but Christ lives in them.

Justified Christians, being liberated from the law, have not become lawless.Christ, the lawgiver, became flesh and lives in them. His Holy Spirit is the divine law and the godly power in them for fulfilling all demands of the law (Jeremiah 31:33-34). He is their comforter and their advocate at the judgement. Christians no longer live under the law, but through Jesus the law resides in them. Christians are not only liberated from the negative, the guilt and the accusations of the law, but they have also received power and the fruits of righteousness.

Most Christians are not aware that they have been freed to think, to serve and to thank. They do not realise that they need not frantically seek to fulfil the will of God. They themselves want to do it. They are not plagued by a bad conscience because of their past, but their cleansed conscience is sharpened by the gospel and leads them to humble deeds of love. A new feeling of life inspires them. Thankfulness, the love of God, and the joy of the Holy Spirit lives in them. A Muslim, with his deep respect for Allah, experiences life differently. In the Qur’an we read: “Allah loves not those that exult” (Sura al-Qasas 28:76). But Christ said, “These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full.” No slave-like grimness holds the Christians prisoner. Joy in the Lord is their strength. They are no longer alone, forsaken and fearful, awaiting the last judgement. The Lord Himself is with them, has taken away their sins, and lives in them through His Spirit.

The Kingdom of Heaven for Najjar

The message of Jesus Christ had the kingdom of God as its goal from the very beginning. “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” The Lord has always claimed all creation as His own. His final command for world mission encompasses all cultures and peoples.

Christ’s goal, however, does not mean a mere political kingdom. He said to the Roman governor Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world… I am a King. For this cause I was born, and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice” (John 18:36-37). Jesus wanted to establish aneverlasting kingdom according to His own nature by way of a new creation. He was the kernel of wheat, His kingdom the multiplied fruit. He was a real man and the true God. His followers should be like Him, existing in the world, but at the same time born of God’s Spirit and living eternally. To the extent that Muhammad and Christ differ from each other, so the kingdom of Christ differs from the Islamic state. Muhammad did not know nor experience the Holy Spirit, and rejected the cross of Christ. The Islamic state is an imitation of Muhammad; the church of Christ should be an imitation of Jesus.

The history of the apostles shows us that the Holy Spirit never guided the apostles to train terrorists, or make attacks for political revolts. Christ renounced violence and pointed to a spiritual kingdom from the beginning. His love, nurturing and care was consolidated in the building of His church. She is the apple of His eye and at the same time His body. He said to His disciples, “Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.” Thereby God is acting through men with His authority. Christ’s church can never be a political kingdom, like that of Muhammad’s, for Muslims are only natural people. But Christians are born from the Spirit of God. Jesus prayed to His Father for them: “I have given them Your word; and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world, just as I am not of the world… As you sent me into the world, I also have sent them into the world” (John 17:14,18).

All who are called out of spiritual death into life, out of the anonymity of the masses into the family of God, and who serve God and mankind, represent the kingdom of God in this age. To their ranks also belong the uncountable number of believers who have already died, yet who live in Christ. In them the word of Jesus has proved true: “Many are called, but few are chosen.” The call of Christ always encompasses the entire world, but only those who open themselves to the power of the Holy Spirit, to his love and self-discipline, will live eternally. To them the Lord spoke, “The kingdom of God is within you.”

Whoever wants to make the church a political, sociological or an economic instrument of power, as Muhammad did with Islam, will not find any promise from Christ. Whoever thinks that changing agelong living conditions may create better people, has not yet understood the ABC’s of the kingdom of God, which state that only changing one’s mind through faith in Jesus Christ will bring real life into the heart. In the midst of a world far from God and dying in unrighteousness, He grants love and hope. We do not need political revolts and bloody revolutions, but new men and women! Christ awakens those who are dead in sin to a new life in the power of His Spirit. The church of Christ is totally different from the Islamic state. The existence of the Holy Spirit in the church is the decisive factor in the difference between Islam and Christianity. In a Muslim there dwells no Holy Spirit, nor is he really known in Islam.

Where Muslims hope to become a great political and economic power to spread the kingdom of Allah over the world, even by force if necessary, the mission of Christ has as its preliminary goal the spiritual renewal of the individual. Only when individuals reform inwardly and change their thinking, when they become His followers through a personal encounter with the resurrected One, then the kingdom of God will be realised in our time. Every Christian should be a witness for Jesus in his family, in school, at work, in the club or in the church and, when possible, even abroad. The kingdom of God comes today where Jesus Christ, through His messengers, restores those who are spiritually dead to life through the gospel.

When Islam employs “great power and much cunning” in order to build its kingdom, we should begin to love Muslims, to understand them, to pray for individuals and speak to them personally about the true Jesus, who died for them on the cross too. Some Muslim guest workers or students will return to their homeland. Our Lord will ask us one time, who in the Christian Occident has depicted the Saviour of the world before the eyes of these strangers, or who has at least paid them some attention, and prayed for them, so that they felt the nearness of Christ and His love.

The kingdom of Christ will only be manifested in its splendour with the return of Jesus Christ. Presently we see strong vestiges of His love and power. But when He comes, His followers will be transformed in the resurrection to live in His spiritual body. Then it will become clear that in the end the kingdom of God means eternal life with Jesus Christ. Our hope is not sumptuous pleasure in gardens and oases, like the Qur’an promises Muslims, but in returning home as lost sons and daughters to our Father. Then it will be plain that Jesus, the crucified Son of God is Lord of all Lords and King of all Kings. Every knee will bow before the Father and the Son. Even Muhammad will be forced to give Jesus the honour, when the Islamic lie of Satan will be revealed, and the demonic power of this spirit will be totally shattered. In Sura al-Zukhruf 43:81 Muhammad cynically said, “If the All-merciful would have a son, then I would be the first to serve him!” The glory of the Son of God at the end will humble even Muhammad to bow in worship.

Christ is victor. He is liberating individual Muslims from their collective bonds. When they fully entrust themselves to Him He sanctifies them completely as examples of His love and truth. The Kingdom of Jesus Christ will come inevitably — even in the world of Islam today.

The Kingdom of Jesus is
my dear Najjar
Be saved and inherit
what your God Father will give you- Your Kingdom!

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God so loved my Arab nation that He accepted all our sins to His holy body on the cross

Brother salam,

Can you imagine that your little nephew is dying in hospital. He is ill and he should die because he has kidney problem. Only you can give him a kidnew for operation. It is your choice to save him giving your kidney for operation. But you are old enough and this operation will be fatal for you.

Yu are suffering and saving life of nephew. Why? Because you love him and dont want death for him.

Your love makes you to give him everything what you have to SAVE a child.

The same way God who IS NOT human being is suffering and accepting ALL sins of the world to His holy body on the cross to save us from DEATH in hell. This death is eternal separation from God. But heart of God loved you brother BEFORE the creation of the world (so Bible says).

It is the highest LOVE. The highest FORM of LOVE to suffer for the sake of OTHER Person.

God is Master in Islam who doesnt have such feeling of LOVE like ISSA ALLAH who is God of TRUE LOVE.

This LOVE of God GIVES us evidence that God is REAL and True in His Love to us and Arab nation.

Who can be such as perfect God of Ibrahim? NO ONE. Because He is the Way, the Truth and the Life…. Life …or eternal LIFE to live with eternal

God in His Kingdom.

Why brothers you dont want to be among saved Arabs…among Muslim-background believers who are WORSHIPING True God in their bodies which are TEMPEL to the holy God of Ibrahim?

Why Muslims you want to die in hell with Islam? To die in hell? Yes. Because God is NOT in Islam and it means you are already spiritually dead according to the scriptures. DEAD already now.

But be ARABS resurected as Son of God is resurected. Be Arabs ALIVE as Jesus is ALIVE. LIVE Arabs eternally with eternal God! Be Arabs SAVED of ALL your sins and future punishment by the LOVE and TRUE mercy of God! God who is Issa Allah or Issa Al Massih!


    How to be saved?
    What is the proper way to worship TRUE God?
    How to be forgiven of ALL our sins?
Arabs, Muslims, pray this prayer below and BE SAVED:

Now it is your time to be saved

by perfect God!


I said that I am sinner. That I love Arabs. And I am ready to refure eternal life that only they will be saved. I was talking about Gamal, Nancy, Mona and Dalia. I am sinner but I am forgiven by grace and mercy of God. So, already now I have eternal life and Kingdom of Heaven. But this pain is very terrible if my brothers will die without God! It was voice of my heart what you quoted. I have salvation. My name is wrtitten in the Book of life. God is called me His inheritance and daughter. I will be eternally with Him. But I need desperatelly you to join HIM!!

I found personal relationships with God! You can find it too! He is not our Master any more, He is our Father!  I urge you now to find such great and LOVING Father!  Do you have today absolute assurance that if you will die today you will go to Heaven? Where you stand in your relationships with God? If you are not one of those people then I urge you to get right with God! And I will close my message by prayer and I will give you opportunity to commit yourself to Jesus Christ who is God. So, you can know that you will go to Heaven when you will die. Father, speak to every person listening to my words in this message. Help everyone of us to be right with You, knowing that we are ready to meet You in your Kingdom. Jesus said that we should be born again or more literal rendering of that statement is “you need to be born from ABOVE”. We are not automatically born again Christians!  How is one born from above?  How do spiritual rebirth take place? If someone says I have been converted to receive Christ what does it mean? It means there is a moment in their life when they made a personal commitment to the Lord and have responded to the OFFER of Eternal life. Would you like to do it? I ‘d like to lead you in a prayer. And as you pray this prayer from the bottom part of your heart you too can be born from above! You can be certain that if you are converted your sin is forgiven. If you would like to make this commitment, pray this prayer wherever you are!
Pray this prayer now:
Jesus forgive me of my sin. I know that I have sinned against You but I thank You for dying on the cross for me and rising again from the dead. Now be my personal Lord and Savior and write my name in the Book of the life! Forgive me all my sins and cleanse my hands from the blood of my sins. And help me to follow You from this day forward! Thank You that You came into my life and You saidthaI am child of God now.
If you have just prayed this prayer Jesus Christ came into your life and God tells us in Bible that if we will believe in His name, we will know that we have eternal life. And if you have taken this step of prayer to believe in Him you can know that God has indeed forgiven you. Let me personally assure you that you have made the right decision. The decision to follow God Jesus Christ!
Read what i published on my site.
To be “born again” for new life with God or “born from above” you need: believe in Jesus
2. sincerely repent in all your sins
3. Live with God and not against Him.
Lord Jesus please save my brother Haitam and all who are readyng this emssage and write their names in the Book of the life. Be their God. Their Salvation. Their Freedom. Their Future. Their LOVE!

Jesus protect them and lead them to Your and their Kingdom..Kingdom of Heaven. Adopt them  and bless them by the power of the Holy Spirit to be sons of GOD!
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