Prayer about Mona, Arabs and Muslims

Prayer to God about YOU



Oh God, forgive me my sins.

Forgive sins of Mona. You have known her from the beginning. You created her.

I am praying and rising my voice now….to You- her CREATOR.

In my words and prayer I am saying about her. God, listen to my prayer.

Come to her! Holy Spirit, I am inviting You to her! In Your power come down unto her.

Let her heart will be won for You. Through Your power show her Your greatness. Come to her in

wonders and signs. Don’t abandon her.

You are great God. And You have plenitude of power.

Change her and her life by Your glory! Live in her heart!

Be her God! Be her WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE! I don’t have anything.

But everything what I have is she. My God let her be YOURS. Your daughter.

Your inheritance and heiress, following You despite everything what will happen in her life.

Open eyes of her heart. Open to her Your way.

By Your power protect her. You are my Defender, God be her God. My HOPE, God, be her Hope!

How you came to Paul, come to her to Egypt!

Lead her out to freedom. Set free Egyptian people!  Bring then FREEDOM!

And Your Freedom will pour out through them to other people!

As a new Nile You will bring LIFE and FREEDOM to all people around.

Jordan, rise up and worship GOD!

Assyria, rise up and bring salvation to my people!

Oman, Rise up your voice and God will hear your voice.

Worship your God!

Dubai, cry and worship God!

Kuwait, your kings will be kings in the Kingdom of God!

Pakistan, God loves you! God, rise up my Pakistani people!

Rise them up! Make them stronger and let Your Kingdom be in Your power on the land of Pakistan!

God, come to Medina and Mecca and rise Your church on the holy land.

This land is holy because You are living in Your people,

worshiping Your name on the land of Saudi ARABIA!

Let everything to be destroyed  and let the earth will be rolled up like scroll.

But God, don’t leave my people, my Arabs!

Rise them up! Rescue them from the fire! Lead them to Your Kingdom!

They are my blood. Let them live with You!

Let all swords, rising against them will be thrown down!

Let them be YOUR HOLY LAND!  HOLY LAND where You are living!

LAND where You are KING!  God, rise up Your angels!

Let them take their swords and fight for my people!

Let demons will be thrown down! But save ARABS!

BE their SALVATION! My God, You are our protection!

YOU are our POWER!  Rise God in people who belong to You!

Rise nations to fight for my PEOPLE!

SET Arabs FREE!  Be their Salvation!

By Your strong hand keep them safe…Your children! Children of God.

Don’t forget my Mona!

Rise God! Protect her! Be her Hope! Amen.

GOD has special plan for YOUR LIFE with HIM!



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