Eid al-Fasah -عيد الفصح

Baraka Allahu fika- بارك الله فيك

passover copy


Let me remind you about the best celebration days we all are commemorating now. We are celebrating Passover (in Hebrew Pesach). Passover or, in other words, the passing over the slavery (of sins) in Egypt. The celebration of Passover is in remembrance of the time in Israel’s history when the angel of the Lord moved through Egypt destroying the firstborn of all people and animals (see Exodus 11 and 12.) This was the final of the ten plagues God visited upon Egypt designed to force Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave the country and their captivity because they called upon the Lord and God decided to help them and set them FREE. Today God sets us FREE the same way. There will be no slavery of your sins if you will put your TRUST in the God of Israel- Jesus. He accepted all your sins on the cross to make you HOLY and FREE of your sins. The Israelites were commanded by God to take the blood of a male lamb—one without blemish—and smear it on the doorposts of their houses. Then the angel of God passed over their houses and they did not die. And finally Israelites went free from their slavery in Egypt headed to the Promised Land.

Today we are also saved by the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for the sake of the world the same way as Israelites were saved by God from destruction of the angel when they smeared their doorposts by blood of lambs. God Jesus is our Lamb slain for every one of us! By His blood we are washed away of all our sins and we are HOLY in God’s eyes. God imputed us the righteousness of His Son to make us righteous too. If you are not forgiven yet by the Creator of the universe Jesus, then believe in Him today and repent of all your sins turning from them to God and abandoning them. Confess your sins right now and get forgiveness from the hands of God Jesus pierced for your sake!

Passover started on Monday, the 18th of April and will continue for 7 days until Tuesday, the 26th of April (at sundown).

Subhana Rabbi yal A’ala!

Be saved my Arab nation!

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